Anthology Home

Built the way design intended it...

With creativity on the job, we not only create the best designs, we execute the designs you want with great precision and quality. We are a project driven studio, creating unique designs to fit our clients needs and dreams. With our diverse and multiple talents, we are able to accomodate and skillfully execute a variety of design and installation challenges.

Evan Euripidou | Designer and Lead construction

With a passion for building, Evan grew up in a construction household learning the tools and techniques from his father, a skilled finishing carpenter. He started from a young age working on a whole house renovation doing everything from electric and plumbing to tile and woodworking. He then moved on to refine his skills through many more construction projects and an education to build on his creativity. Studying architecture at RPI, he excelled in both the creativity and the functionality of his designs. In search of more challenge, he transferred to Parsons School of Design in New York City where he earned an Integrated Design Degree melding together multiple disciplines of design to create a broader approach to design challenges. With his creativity and the knowledge and tools to execute and create his designs, Evan brings a whole new level to the design and construction demands. Projects are completed with the same careful eye in which they were designed.


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